How to make ليالي لبنان 'lebanese nights' a poetic desert

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What is the mastic? It is a resin that comes from chips island in Greece. You could buy it on line or from middle eastern ingredients shops/Greek shops or Turkish shops

Ingredients: milk, sugar, semolina and eggs. Above photographed 'mastic' for flavor. It is optional; a personal choice.

In a cooking pot, put 4 cups on medium heat

Mix... U can usé à fork as well

Or a wire whisk

Once the milk boils add the egg semolina mixture. Stir non stop untill➡️➡️

It becomes thick

Put in the serving dish. Top with achta. ( cream...pls go to my guide how to make achta) and drizzle with honey or a agave syrup. And finish with pistachios

Watch the video: The easiest Arabic dessert. Lebanese nights ليالي لبنان. middle eastern sweets


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