How to pan fry potatoes with mushrooms russian style

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Peel the potatoes

If potato is large cut it in into 4 slices then...

Cut the slices diagonally not too thick or too thin. If you cut too thick the potato will not cook through. If you cut too thin it will cook too quickly and turn into mushed potato while stirring

If potato is medium small then cut it into 3 slices instead of 4

Then same as with large potato cut the slices diagonally

Fill the frying pan with oil just to cover the bottom then add the potatoes

Season with salt and pepper and mix. Let it cook on a medium heat without cover. The deal is to brown the potatoes stirring occasionally before covering the pan to let it cook all the way though

In meantime cut the onions

And the mushrooms

Don't forget to stir the potatoes or it will burn

In a separate frying pan brown the onions

Then add the mushrooms and season with salt pepper and garlic powder. Cook till it's completely done

When your potato browned on almost all sides and almost soft cover the pan with lid and cook it to a complete doneness. When it's ready mix mushrooms and potatoes together and it's ready

I'm Russian so I love it as is, with pickled tomatoes on a side

I add eggs to leftovers in the morning

Or you can serve it as an addition to you brunch buffet table (see my guide about how to serve a buffet table for brunch gathering)

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