How to make chocolate chip cookies

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Before you do anything wash your hands!

This is everything your going to need to make the dough.

Before you put the dry ingredients in the bowl, preheat the oven to 350

After you put the dry ingredients in then you put the wet ingredients in.

After you put all the ingredients into the bowl then you mix. When you mix it all together it should look like this.

Once your dough is ready spray the pan with some Non-stick spray.

After you spray the pan, put the dough in the oven for 10:00

Make sure you didn't forget to pre heat the oven to 350

When you put the dough in the oven put a timer on for ten minutes so you don't burn them.

While the cookies are baking might as well clean the remaining dishes.

Make sure you check on them while there baking to see how there doing.

I would most likely check them half way through.

When you take them out remember to put them on a separate plate to cool for 4 minutes.

Once they have cooled down you may eat them.


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