How to make a girl's hair bow

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These are some finished ones, different sizes of fabric make different sizes. So be creative!

Take your fabric square... Any size

Flip it over

Fold it in half...

And make a crease with your nails and/or your fingers

Open it up and find the crease,

Take the fabric and fold it over to the crease.

Fold over the other side to the crease

Fold the fabric in half

Crease it again!

Open it up and find the crease

Fold both sides up to the crease

Looks like this😃

Take your hot glue gun and fill it up with hot glue sticks

Put a bead of glue in the center if your fabric like so...

Pinch it together until the glue dries

Fold it in half after the glue has dried

Like so..

Put a bead of glue close to the top of the fabric

Ad fold the top half on top of the glue. Hold until dry.

You might need to hot glue some loose fabric down. Sorry if the picture turns grey just tap the picture to see the demo🎀

Flip the whole "bow" over

Put another bead if glue near the top of the fabric

Fold it over like you did for the first flap.

Hold until glue dries

Make sure all pieces are glued down, we don't want any flappy bows!

This is what the front should look like.

Cut out a piece of fabric that goes fully around your bow, then make sure it is wide enough to cover up your bows seam if you fold it in half.

Flip it over!⬇️

Add some hot glue in a wide zig-zag formation

Fold half of your fabric on to the glue like so..

And fold the other half, make sure to glue any fly away pieces down!

Take your bow and ......

Put a bead of glue in the center.

Wrap your middle piece around the bow gluing as you go to make sure it will not fall off!

Finish with a bead of glue!

Your completed bow!!!

Now just hot glue a hair clip on to it, and you are ready to go!😃


Please make sure to request more guides, I need ideas! Also please check out my other guides, and ️ it up! Thanks Makena💕

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