How to spot fake roberto cavalli sunglasses

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New Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check that the logo and font exactly match an official one used. Older models may vary in colour and style.

The inside of new Roberto Cavalli carry cases are lined with a zebra print fabric and feature the Roberto Cavalli signature. The edges should be neatly finished and the material should fit tightly.

Most new Roberto Cavalli sunglasses have the logo etched into the top left corner of the left lens. If featured, check that the etching is clean and straight.

The inside right temple arm of Roberto Cavalli sunglasses feature the Roberto Cavalli name, followed by Made in Italy and the letters CE representing European Conformity. Check for errors in spacing.

The inside of the left arm of Roberto Cavalli sunglasses feature the model name and number, followed by lens and frame measurements. Check that these match the same numbers detailed on the box label.



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