How to make smoked salmon cups

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Bake bread cups at 165°C until golden brown.

Cut away and Discard the "T" section of the salmon slice. This is the tough bit that isn't nice to eat.

Remove the "T" section from the remainder of the slices so you are left with the nice pink slices, leaving them in a pile.

Cut the pile in half and put aside.

In a bowl, mash the cream cheese with a fork until smooth.

Once smooth, add a handful of capers and a Tbsp of minced garlic.

Mix until combined. Set aside.

Once cool, place the cups on the plate you plan to serve the cups on.

Put the cream cheese mixture in a zip-lock bag and push to one corner for piping.

Cut a small hole in. The corner of the bag.

Pipe cream cheese into a cup in the shape of a circle to fill the cup.

Repeat until all the cups are filled.

Grab one of the salmon slices.

Place decoratively on top of the cup.

Repeat with all the cups.

Crack pepper on the cups.


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