How to make a round mound

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First you take a standard dish. It is used to hold a 1/3 brick of oasis. The oasis is also held in by six prongs which are located inside the standard dish. It also influences the arrangements shape.

Next you take a 1/3 piece of oasis. It is used as the starting point in arrangements and is used to support the arrangement. Before it is put into the standard dish, it is fully submerged in water.

Next the oasis is placed into the standard dish. When placing the oasis into the dish you must use a flat hand otherwise you will leave little dimples. Also, don't use finger tips to push it down.

Next you must cut the edges off the oasis. This process is called beveling the edges. When you bevel the edges it doesn't have to be perfect and you do this to give the oasis more surface space.

The next step is to take a short piece of anchor tape and put it over the oasis horizontally. This step holds the piece of oasis securely in the standard dish in case it comes loose from the dish.

Next you take your leather leaf. You should begin wiping off the stems with a napkin. By doing this you increase the leather leafs life.

Once you have wiped off the stems of the leather leaf, you must choose six pieces of about the same length and size. Next you take four of these pieces and stick them in all four sides of the oasis.

After putting the four pieces of leather leaf in the sides of the oasis, you take the remaining two pieces and put them on top of the oasis. The two pieces should be facing away from each other.

Next you fill in the rest of the blank space with more leather leaf. You do this until you cannot see any of the oasis or standard dish. This process is called "greening". It should look like a circle

Once you Are done greening you must choose six flowers and put 5 of them on the sides so that they are evenly spread out and then put 1 at the top which should be the highest point of the arrangement.

After putting the 6 carnations on the arrangement you must fill the rest if the blank space in with mums and and more carnations. In the end, your round mound should actually look like a "round mound"

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