How to make a pop stick christmas tree

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Gather your supplies.

Leave one pop stick aside. This will be used as the backing.

Draw markings where you are going to cut your pop sticks. This is up to you where you mark the measurements. We have done 1-10cm increasing by a cm each time. The more abstract the better!

Cut the pop sticks out.

Lay down newspaper and paint one side of all of the pop sticks, including the one you set aside. Once dry, paint the other side.

Use the end of a paint brush to create dots on the pop sticks by dipping the end of the paint brush in paint and dabbing it onto the pop sticks. Dot all of the pop sticks except the backing pop stick.

If you would like to add a star at the top of your tree, then draw a five pointed star on yellow or gold paper and cut it out.

Glue on the branches to the backing. Tilt them for an effect, or keep them straight.

If you want it to stand up, put it into a base of blu tack, or if it is going on the Christmas tree add some string or ribbon to the back of it.

You can now make more trees using different colours and sizes!

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