How to Make a Polkadot Nail Polish!

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Hi guys! Im gonna tell you the steps to make a polkadot nail polish and the stuff you will need to make the dots :)

1First i put on this orange colour nail polis for the base! (you can use any colour you like, i just like it coz its nice and fresh)

2I use this small pointed brush to make the dots. Just dip the tip of the brush in the nail polish and tap the tip to the nails to make the dot. This brush is good to make dots and stripes.

3Thesw are the colours i use to make the nail. The orange one for the base, the purple one for the side dots and the red one for the middle dots.

4when the nail polish is a bit dry put on the top coat so that the nail will shine amd stay longer.

5After 30sec or 1min put a drop of kwik dry so your nail polish wont get spoiled and will dry quickly. (i used quick dry by Caronia) its really good its a cuticle conditioner as well.

Thats it guys! Its so simple and nice :) give it a try!!

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